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An Historic Library Check-out Slip

Here is a wonderful relic from the pre-digital past, when library books had checkout slips attached to the inside cover that patrons signed to check out the book.

This library slip is from volume 3 of the journal Genetics in the library of North Carolina State University, Raleigh. This volume contains papers by well-known geneticists Hugo De Vries, and Hermann J. Muller, and a very early paper by Sewall Wright,

  • Sewall Wright On The Nature Of Size Factors Genetics 1918 3: 367374.

    But the papers of greatest historical interest are those by Rainard Robbins where he proves that, in the absence of selection, linkage equilibrium between recombining multiple loci is an equilibrium of the population:

    As a postdoc with Prof. C. Clark Cockerham in 1987, I was looking up Robbins's papers, and I happened to notice on the checkout slip in the bound volume the names of some illustrious theoretical population geneticists — my PI, C. Clark Cockerham (1921-1996), Richard Lewontin, and Ken-ichi Kojima (1930-1971), so I made this photocopy.

    Other names are Stanley G. Stephens, the first NCSU faculty member elected to the National Academy of Sciences, Abdel Rahman Khalil, Mrs. Walton Carlyle Gregory, Charles E. Gates, and possibly James P. Lund.