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Big Island Police on Low Pressure Sodium Lamps

From: Robert L. Horcajo, Chair, Subdivision Engineering Standards Committee, Maui County
To: Charles Jencks, Director Public Works, Maui County.
Date: March 7, 1997.

"The only negative comment we received about LPS was regarding its poor color rendition which could be a problem for police work. I personally spoke with a Sgt. Inanoria of Traffic Services, Big Island, who said that the benefits outweigh that problem, and in his words, he felt it was a good investment. What they did for a particular crime area was just increase the wattage and felt that worked fine. As you are probably aware, the Big Island converted over to LPS starting in 1982 and has converted all but about approximately 200 light fixtures so they have a proven track record of LPS lights."