Remembering Brian Sayre

Stanford University, 1982, 1983, 1984

Brian was my best friend at Stanford. I miss him sorely today, thirty years later.

I never realized, until after he was gone, that I had developed a habit where I would think up new ideas just to be able to tell him about them. Just being friends with Brian made me smarter. I've never found that free flowing intellectual companionship we shared since. His loss is incalculable.

From the Stanford Daily, May 7, 1985

  • Personal reminiscence by Lynn Gazis-Sax: HERE

    Synergy House 10th Anniversary Reunion, October 31, 1982

    Group discussion [17 minutes]:

    • John Hackmann (Synergy Resident Assistant, 1978-1979)
      “You do what you think is right.”
    • Brian Sayre describes his idea of putting a statement of one's social purpose in one's resume
    • Lee Altenberg (Reunion Organizer), facilitating
    • David Josephson (Columbae Founder), comments
      (Ping pong game in the Sun Room in background)


      Alan Strain, Synergy House founder, speaking, on left

      David Josephson, Columbae House founder, speaking, on right. John Hackmann in foreground.

      Synergy T-Shirt Silk Screening

      Hike in the Stanford Foothills, April 1983