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Lothlorien House Portraits, 1978-1979

Lothlorien Co-op is part of the University Students Cooperative Association

Click on each thumbnail to see the full size photo (250-500 kb each):
Spring, 1978: Fall, 1978 (Black and white): Fall, 1978 (Color):
I surmise the dates based on the people in the photos.
Video Clip (6 MB) of Lee posing a riddle he heard from his grandfather to Rob (Spring 1979):

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If you want to add to this Web archive, please e-mail your photos, etc., I and will add them.
-- Lee Altenberg

The People's Vegetable

(The origin was from my "farewell address" graffiti in the North House stairwell bathroom, July, 1979. Adapted by Jim Banta into the T-Shirt silk screen, September, 1979.)

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